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Therapeutic Factors

Therapy Style

The focus of therapy sessions will be different for each client.  I utilize perspectives and techniques from a variety of theoretical orientations that promote awareness of thoughts, feelings and experiences, and increase intention in thoughts and actions.  Sessions may involve traditional "talk" therapy, more structured interventions such as EMDR, or there may be more of a focus on psychoeducation and skills training. It is important to communicate if you do not feel your sessions are helpful.  It may be possible to shift focus in a way that better suits your needs, or we may discover that we not a good fit, and we can work together to find a more appropriate referral.  

I believe that it is important to look at the many aspects of our lives to promote overall well being.  Social, financial, physical health and many other areas all affect our mental health.  Studies have shown that eating well, sleeping well, exercising and relaxing can improve, not necessarily cure, symptoms of almost any mental health issue.  Unfortunately, mental health symptoms often create obstacles to these very things, which can create a downward spiral.  So, while basic self care seems simple, it is not always easy.  Along with other interventions, it is my desire to help identify areas in your life where improvements can be made to increase your overall wellness, and to assist you in finding ways to begin and sustain positive changes.


Telemental Health

Is online counseling right for you?  Typically this form of counseling is not suited for anyone experiencing active suicidality or serious mental health symptoms that may require crisis intervention or assistance with local resources.  There are also nuances in communication that are lost in an online format, but you may not know if it works for you until you try it!  It will be necessary for you to have a private space where you can talk freely and not be interrupted.  


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